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We take safety and security very seriously at Kids Are Us.   Our playground is fenced in with a soft tile surface and is always supervised. We make it a priority to see that no dangerous toys are brought to the daycare and that their play environment is safe. During “rest time” one volunteer is always in the room with the children. Cleaning supplies and medications are locked safe out of the reach of children. Children are checked in and out of the facility using the  parent’s own personal password.   If someone different will be picking them up a photo id is required. Monthly fire drills and tornado drills (in season) are conducted. Risk Management plan and Emergency information is updated frequently.

Keeping germs at bay is important, therefore we encourage children to wash their hands throughout the day and teach lessons about health and hygiene. Floors are cleaned daily and toys are cleaned on a regular basis. Diapering is conducted in a separate area from the children’s play area.

Diapers and Potty-Training

If your child is still in diapers, you will need to provide diapers and wipes to the staff of his/her room. We also request that you provide a second set of extra clothes, particularly if your child is potty training. Classroom teachers will notify parents when their diaper supply is getting low. When you feel your child is ready to begin potty training, please communicate with his or her teachers. We will be happy to help during this challenging and exciting time, but communication is essential. We have potty chairs in every bathroom which can be used as a potty chair or stool seat, whichever your child is more comfortable with.

Children are never punished for toileting accidents!

We serve a breakfast, lunch and a light supper. These are nutritionally planned for each age group at the center. We encourage the children to try two bites of everything on their plates, but do not force the children to eat something. They may have seconds on their favorites as long as there is food left. Staff members encourage the children to use good table manners and the use of our favorite words…“please” and “thank you”. Children must ask to be excused from the table and assume the responsibility of clearing their dishes.  

All meals are prepared on site and all cooks hold a State of Illinois and City of Chicago Food and Sanitation License.

All classrooms will maintain the following child-to-teacher ratios appropriate for the youngest age present in the classroom:

6 weeks to 14 months = 4:1

15 months to 2 years old = 5:1

2 years old = 8:1

3 & 4 years old = 10:1

5 years and up = 20:1




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